“Judith Cohen topped the Pacific International Piano Competition in 1984; and on this attractive Bartok collection—in which some of his most popular piano music rubs up against less standard fare—she shows herself to be a persuasive advocate for his gentler side…her light, treble-tilted tone and her transparent textures show her chosen repertoire off to good advantage. Her deft swing through the Romanian Folk Dances is especially refreshing.”

—Fanfare Magazine

“Cohen played with sureness and ease, well-judged tempos and a wide range of expressive touch…….We have many fine pianists in Portland, but I wound up wishing we could steal one from up north.”

— Jeff Winslow, Arts Watch

“…one of the five best pianists I have heard within the last fifteen years…Miss Cohen is a born virtuoso, has temperament and wonderful professional control—a rare combination nowadays.”

—Dr. Bela Nagy, Professor of Piano, Boston University, Catholic University of America

“The live music — especially pianist Judith Cohen, tapping into both the jaunty and shadowy sides of Schulhoff’s jazz-tinged scores — is another big draw.”

— Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times

“Ms. Sieden and pianist Judith Cohen were in exceptional form and precision in the intimate Hidden Valley Theater.”

— Hugh Jardin, Peninsula Reviews, Carmel, CA

“…What a brilliant work this is, a real masterpiece of the duo-piano repertoire that deserves more exposure.”

—  Peter Burwasser, Tandem CD Review, Fanfare Magazine

“The majestic rising of the submerged cathedral, made brilliant in the splendid radiance of the day, thundered in Cohen’s hands. Musical tone poems such as this require narrative sensitivity on the part of the musician and Cohen’s telling was eloquent.”

— Sean Owen, Seattlest

“…These are not works you encounter every day, and it’s well worth going out of your way to hear such good performances…”

— Melinda Bargreen, American Sonatas CD Review, Seattle Times

“[Judith Cohen has] all the qualifications for a career—temperament, musical sensitivity, and the ability to project these to an audience.”

—Daniel Pollack, Professor of Piano, USC

“Ms. Cohen’s playing shows a great deal of sensitivity to the variety of colors that are possible on the piano… In her capable hands, the dissonant harmonies of modern music seem to offer new possibilities in tonal coloring… Ms. Cohen’s playing was bold, fluid and strong throughout…”

—The Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket, MA

“…Ms. Cohen’s playing displays a superb finger technique that is always logical. Her lines have great coherence, proper musical feelilng and a beautiful tonal balance. The Music of this pianist is never distorted for the sake of extra showmanship or personal whim…everything is clear and flawless.”

—Richard Faith, Pianists Foundation of America

“With sensitive touch and musicianship, pianist Judith Cohen interpreted three examples of Domencico Scarlatti’s brief piano sonatas, making them as logical and charming on the modern instrument as they are on the old.”

—Eastsideweek, Bellevue, WA

“Seattle duo pianists Cohen and Timmons … capture a great sense of wit and effervescence, as well as remarkable unity, in this fetching CD of Mozart, Copland (“Rodeo”), Gershwin (“Porgy and Bess” Fantasy) and more…”

— Melinda Bargreen, In Tandem CD Review, Seattle Times